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Our company provides a comprehensive range of IT-consulting services and helps solve many problems connected with information support of business processes.

IT-consulting involves a number of directions:

  • Pre-project analysis;
  • Technical requirements preparation;
  • Designing of the system architecture;
  • Analysis and optimization of the existing software.

Pre-project analysis includes the following stages:

  1. Definition of business objectives and the concept of the project;
  2. Project feasibility estimation;
  3. Determination of a realization platform, software and hardware requirements;
  4. Determination of terms and labour contribution of the project realization.

IT-consulting services providing at the pre-project stage results in a recommendations package as to the realization platform, software and hardware choice, a formalized concept of the project and a short description of the functional, and also an estimation of labour contribution. Having such information allows you to perform original tasks most effectively and minimize the project administration expenses.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements include all project requirements.

Technical requirements development involves the development of the following aspects:

  • User stories – these are variants of user interaction with the system;
  • Interface templates of the system under development;
  • Functional requirements to the system;
  • Non-functional requirements to the system (those are requirements to efficiency, reliability, usability, safety, etc.)
  • Various schemes and diagrams for the purpose of visual presentation of the user’s interaction with the system, and besides the interaction between various structural items (pages, forms, variants of interaction, etc.).

This service allows reducing the development cost and most precisely formalizing all the requirements, which will help developers to have a clear picture of what achievements and results are expected of them.

System architecture designing allows the customer to get a detailed description of the structure and all the characteristics of the future system. This information will be a basis in the work process. We present the result of work as database schemes, subsystem interaction diagrams, statechart diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, etc.

System architecture designing (that is making key decisions of the project concerning internal structure of the programme system and its technical interfaces) is an important point. It determines the context within which decisions concerning further project development are made. Modern systems considerably differ from each other. The variation can be immense – from process automation of small business to large corporate systems supporting the access of hundreds and thousands of users. In the second case high performance with multiple access will be required of the system as well as safe storage and protection of large amounts of data and also quick and accurate data analysis. A key point for large-scale systems is system architecture designing. This particular stage allows minimizing expenses.

Pilot project

When fundamentally new software is being developed, in the absence of similar projects it is sometimes difficult to make an accurate estimation. In that case it is necessary to design a pilot project, a mini-version of the desirable software, where both parties can test the offered concept in operation, clear up all technical issues and adjust the budget.

Analysis and optimization of the existing software is one of the most important directions of IT-consulting for the moment. In the course of analysis we test the existing application and examine its source code. Such analysis results in a report about defects and errors found, and also a complex of remedial actions. This report will allow you to evaluate optimization cost and terms for your application.

At the stage of optimization we remove all the defects and errors mentioned above, as a result of which you receive valid software.   

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