IM Systems development

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Instant messaging systems are used for real-time message exchange by means of the Internet. Alongside with text messages, images, video, sound files can be transferred.

Possible solutions

  • Chat
  • On-line consultant
  • Messenger (a message exchange program)

Our Offering

  • Being experienced in project work allows us to create any message exchange system to meet your objectives. It can be a chat integrated with a corporate portal or social network (both text or voice type), an on-line consultant on the website, a messenger (including mobile applications) and many other. 
  • Our areas of competence in IM systems development: 
    • HTML parser
    • real-time online chat
    • Rich Text messages
    • SQLite Database
    • system UI
    • XML Layouts 
    • animations
    • asynchronous networking
    • integration with a web API
    • integration with AOL's openAIM WIM protocol
    • multithreading
    • custom UI elements
    • non-standard keyboards
    • localization
    • support for older Bada OS versions
    • XML serialization
    • photo gallery
    • camera API
    • other

Where to start?

Simply send us your request to or fill in Contact Us form, and we will respond within 1 work day.

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